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INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – Agricultural / Farming Land in AFRICA

This is an Ideal Opportunity to Lease or Buy 1,400 Hectares,
of Magnifcent, Deforested, Virgin land, in
Central African Republic.

Asking Price:

  •  20-years Lease US$120,000 per Annum
  • Sale US$3,200,000 or US$15,000 per Hectare

Size: 1,400 Hectares Location: Ndangala, Central African Republic (30 KM West of Bangui)


Usage: Mixed-use development. Farming, Forestry and Residential (20 units with planning
granted). The soil is healthy, and the cultivation of grain crops, cotton, coffee, tobacco, yams,
maize, bananas, cassava, dairy farms, livestock farms and other types of agricultural production
will flourish here.

The African agriculture sector is set to experience an explosive growth over the next decade. Public consciousness to issues of global food insecurity, and strengthen solidarity in the struggle

against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty, are some of the major drivers for this growth. Changing climate conditions, is proving to be a blessing to the Ndangala region, as it is rich in cultivatable soil, cheap labour, rain, and an abundance of sunshine.


These attributes, converge in favour of profitable business, for Landowners, who are willing and able to engage in commercial agriculture.

Ndangala, in the Central African Republic, is regarded as a key centre of agricultural production. The site is 1.5 KM from the main
road infrastructure, which is helpful for logistics.


The Governments’ investment promotion Agencies, encourage and support investments in Agriculture, with multiple tax incentives, which has to be negotiated on a project by project basis.