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The Opportunity

Asking Price:

Parcel No 1: 290 Hectares –

Parcel No 2: 650 Hectares –

Parcels No 1 & 2 –

Or US$5,000 per hectare



Freehold land. No

restriction on usage.


Damara, Central African
Republic (100 KM north
of the capital Bangui)

If you like natural unspoiled indigenous forest, then this
is the property for you.
As the developed world matures, and becomes
increasingly difficult to trade in as a result of factors from
legislation to terrorism, opportunities for corporate
growth are limited. There are too few places where
entrepreneurs and businesses with ideas, and an appetite
for risk can bring value and find long-term growth if they
are persistent, creative and determined. The Central
African Republic is still such a place.
African trade barriers are falling, with the 54-nation
Continental Free Trade area. This holds enormous
potential for land owners, to look for big agricultural
breakthroughs and productivity gains in food production
in Africa.


The 940 square Hectares property, is mostly virgin land,
and it is in 2 parcels. Consisting of virgin forest, degraded
forest, arable land and water wells. The land is rich in
cultivatable soil.
The forested area has varieties of mature indigenous trees
that include: Sapele (Entandrophragma Cylindricum),
Iroko (Milicio excelsa), Anigre (Pouteria Chrysophyllum),
Sipo (Entandrophragma), Pachyloba (Afzelian Spp),
Obeche/wawa (Triplochilon scleroxylon).
This site is conveniently located, along perhaps the best
tarred road in the country, and it is about one hour’s drive,
north of the capital, Bangui. The parcels of land, stand next
to each other, and are divided by a road.

This transaction will appeal to investors who want to:

This is an excellent opportunity, to acquire a prime
investment, for something uniquely extraordinary. This
site is Ideal as a Forestry project, or can be developed into
a substantially profitable Agricultural business.