Facilitator for Trade, Export and Finance solutions

Specialises in export credit insurance, arranges international trade finance

Richard International is a facilitator for Trade, Export and Finance solutions. It specialises in export credit insurance, arranges international trade finance and provides other credit and financial services for European exporters. We also offer political risk insurance for international lenders and investors.

Richard International has helped hundreds of exporters increase their international sales using trade finance, credit insurance, forfaiting, international leasing and other export financing alternatives.

In addition to export credit insurance, Richard International offers domestic (Europe) receivables insurance as well as global (export + domestic) accounts receivable insurance policies. Credit insurance protects receivables against non-payment risks, helps increase sales by facilitating more competitive credit terms, and enhances borrowing capacity by making receivables more We welcome innovation, unconventional transactions, and new ideas. Beyond export insurance, trade finance and political insurance, Richard International offers diverse in-house expertise in related fields and, when appropriate, we can provide access to tools from a variety of other resources.

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